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Please note the live Emini trading room testimonials on this page are real. They are mostly from current members and in some cases past members. The page grows in size as the testimonials come in. Like any business we have had some customers that did not like what we had to offer, but that percent is quite small about 8 – 10%. The overwhelming majority of people that give View My Trades a try find tremendous value with our live Emini trading room analysis and they see tremendous overall value in all of our many membership offerings as evidenced by this huge page of happy customers. Also the E-mini day trading testimonials do not just apply to our live futures trade room, but also apply to our other membership options. We have proprietary indicators, extensive education, day trading strategies and of course the live trading room.






"Just started with the guys at VMT. After 6 weeks could not be happier. I judge a trading service in 3 ways. Price of the service, honesty of the service and skill set of the moderator (ie: perofrmance). On the first as far as price I give them 4/5 stars. They are expensive but also not cheap, good value for what you get IMO. On the second as far as honesty I give them 5/5 stars...they shoot stright every day I see them and on the last for their skillset I give them 4/5 stars. Overall rating from this user would between 4 and 5 stars. They are really good and I am happy with what I get. They are not perfect and do have losing days sometimes thus the 4/5 on performance. Overall I recommend to anyone interested."

Craig Q.

Buffalo, NY, USA



"Been with Tommy and View My Trades for a lllooonnggggg time...lol. He has asked me to write a testimonial review many times in the past. I am a busy guy with a lot going on and always said I did not have the time. We made a bet and said if he ever records over 30 points in the specific trade set-ups in a single day he would get his review. After 22 months with VMT that day just happened today.  They were up huge on January 21, 2016. Check out the archive recap. I am a man of my word, so here it is. It was a great day, lots of excitement and some big money to be made. Great room, moral character and skilled, very skilled....now do not ask me to write another review buddy!"

Mark Madasker

Queens, New York, USA



"I have tried many different trade rooms over the past 5 years and always end of leaving mostly due to bad trading calls or the orator telling the room after how much he just made after the fact. I have been a member of View My Trades for a bit over a month now and I already know in that time this is where I am going to stay. Tommy, the moderator of the room, lets everyone know well in advance what he sees coming and where exactly where to stops, entries and scale out point all before it happens. Of course it is up to any member whether they choose to follow the trade room calls, but more important for me Tommy explains why the market moves the way it does and why sometimes it does not. I highly recommend VMT.

Stephen M.

Missouri City, Texas, USA



"After trying several trading systems and trading rooms, I finally found one I really like in View My Trades. Easy to follow intructions, high precentage of winning trades all with very little risk. Thank you to Tommy the guy that runs the room and to View My Trades."

Fred P.

Lombard, Illinois USA



"Extraordinary website and services. Very happy - plan to stay forever! Thanks Tommy and VMT."

Penny Daviola

Chesire County, New Hampshire, USA



"VMT asked me if I would write something for their testimonial page after I had been a member for one month. I told them that while I was very impressed with their services, one month was not enough time. It has not been 4 months and some thingg have changed in my opinions. They are better than my first impression! I do not have time write a long very detailed review, but will some it up in one word. Awesome."

Mario Y.

Pensacola, Florida, USA



"My work forced me to stop day trading for the coming few months, but I wanted to you to know that my temporary cancellation is not reflective of your service. I love the trading room and there will be no other choice for me when I resume trading and I will be back to VMT and the trade room. I have learned so much in the 3 months I have been a member. Thank you View My Trades."

Nickland S.

San Diego, California, USA



"Thank you to View My Trades for sharing your profound knowledge of S&P 500 futures with the general public. There are a lot of good traders and educators out there that provide services to the public, but very few are able to comprehensively and as effectively communicate their knowledge, skills and trade setups to their customers for realistic successful trades. View My Trades is one of the few trade rooms that does this and does it very well. Their analysis makes the market so much clearer for me now and as a result it provides me the much needed confidence to be patient in allowing my trading plan to execute. They do an excellent job of walking us through the trade setups and are very responsive from a customer service standpoint. They provide accurate past performance results and post trade room videos on their website and on youtube every day so we can review them and get comfortale with how we would like to trade along with them. The bottom line is View My Trades makes me money!"

Todd S.

Livermore, California, USA



"Your teaching and the live trading room are superb."

Kris S.

Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA



"I am writing to inform my fellow traders of this valuable resource I found, View M Trades. Been trading since 1998 and Emini trading since 2014. I first joined another trading educator, spent a lot of money, spent a lot of time and found their day trading system did not fit the average trader. They played the game of getting filled 3 ticks ahead of everyone....very frustrating. The trade set-ups did not work and I lost money trading. VMT's does everything in advance and spoon feeds all the information. They educate and teach very well and I in turn make money....period. Yes losing trades do happen, but they keep losses low and your winnings far out losing. They start at 9am and go to 11am each day which allows the rest od the day to yourself. The moderate really knows his stuff. They have great indicators they made and no one esle has them. The indicators and moderator explain the trades befoe they happen and during the trade where to take profit and place stops. I followed VMT on youtube for a long time and got comfortable with them and how they trade. I have set up automated trade strategies for their bounce points also. From day one no surprises and it was exactly how I envisioned it would be. Very thankful to have found this resource. I love my day trading job and without VMT would have to throw in the towel. The free trial is great because you can see foryourself and not spend a penny! They back up their claims. In conclusion, I am positive you will not find another trade room or educators better anywhere and I highly recemmend View My Trades."

Alex F.

New Era, Michigan, USA



"You guys definitely have integrity in how you call out all of your trades in advance. This is the first trade room I have seen that does that. You really do put your client's interests first. Thank you."

Robert S.

North Andover, Massachusetts, USA



"Best trade room on the planet for 3 reaons. #1 They dont lie and cheat. #2 They don't lie and cheat. #3 They don't lie and cheat. There are of course many other greats reaons like the consistent profits, straight forward communication and excellent daily analysis, but what stood out to me was they are for real and do not inflate and and massge their numbers like all the rest."

Bensen J.

Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA



"This trading room is phenomenal. I love what you guys do and how you do it. I will be referring you for sure to day traders I know. I like when you have a tough trading day and glad to see how you handle adversity. Any trade room can have a big up day on a trending day, but the way take the trades and manage them tells me the quality for your work. Well done View My Trades!"

David V.

Astoria, New York, USA



"I have been trading for quite some time and did not need or want a trade room or training because of the huge time differential, but just wanted some additional tools to supplement what I was already doing with my own systems. After a long search I came across View My Trades and set-up a phone support session to review their indicators. Since then I never looked back. I bought the indicators for a lifetime purchase and now am an onwer and would never trade without'em. Really excellent and user friendly. Can't say enough good things because my results, and that is all that matters, are much better now. Cheers."

Kyle E.

Kalgoorlie, Australia



"I have enjoyed the Emini trading room and your service over the past 2 months of being a member. Your systematic approach is quite compelling and I have enjoyed watching you call out your trade set-ups in real time. You are more than honest in your performance reporting and I enjoy following your calls and especially the reasoning behind them. Your results truly speak for themselves."

James B.

Winnipeg, Canada



"Hi Guys and thanks very much for the free trial to View My Trades. I really like many aspects of the service you provide including: how you clearly state entry point, exits and stops and how you repeat these points many times and adjust the stop accordingly during the trades, overall trade management, the bounce points, and of course your honesty, transparency and overall conservative approach when determining/stating your overall profit or loss for each trading day. I just signed up for 3 months and looking forward to being a member of your great service. Thanks and have agreat day."

Lisa C.

Vancouver, Canada



"I have been a member of the View My Trades Live Emini Trading Room for just 3 weeks. You guys just bloew me away how accurate you while trading futures. Thank you so very much for allowing me to trade along side of you."

Michael D.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA



"In a world or carefully crafted and marketed cell phone and cable/satellite deals that never live up to their hype, View My Trades is completely refreshing. Manage losses first and be honest about the gains. It is wise and it works and I would not give up my place in this trade room. It is said to trust your doctor, pastor, teacher and lawyer and now added to that list should be the guy that runs the trade room for View My Trades. Each morning I enter the trade room and my trades very confident. Well done View My Trades. this is the best money I have ever spent!"

Todd Hunter

Bettendorf, Iowa, USA



"I am a retired Merrill Lynch commodities broker and am glad I joined View My Trades because that is exactly what you get. You watch professional trader with multiple charts and indicators and they are right more than they are wrong. It is as simple as that. I feel now I finally have the odds and probabilities in my favor and can now trade with confidence."

Scott Macbeth

Bradenton, Florida, USA



"The thing I love about your website and Emini Trading Room is that you are very patient, honest and profoessional whether it is an up day or a down day. You apply a very high level consistent approach every day with total integrity. Thank you very much since I know there is a lot of BS out there with trading futures and other Live Trading Rooms. I am converting my initial 1 month membership into 3 months. Thanks again!"

Jason Schmeltz

Gilbert, Arizona, USA 



"Wow...It was my first day in the trade room and I really enjoyed myself. Even though I do not trade with your indicators yet, it was still a great experience and not hard to follow your day trading pace. I had one losing trade and a few winners and some successful bounce points you called out that I understood. Keep up the good work."

Carl G.

Rockville Centre, New York, USA



"I came to View My Trades after evaluating several other futures trading rooms and could not believe how transparent they are. I lterally could not believe the consisten results they had posted on there website, soI then decided to evaluate them for a free trial which was followed by a one month paid memebrship to see if they were really making live trading calls, which surpirsingly they were. I have been to many other trading rooms and am very sick of the process of being manipulated by promised results they never surfaced. Once I confirmed what View My Trades was all about, I stayed with them ever since and how no intentions of leaving. I also recently started using their indicator package, which is reasonably priced and I found it to be extremely helpful to complement their live trade room. I highly recommend evaluating View My Trades yourself."

Eligio R.

San Diego, California, USA



"Interesting find here for VMT.com. They are unique in that there is no fluff and wasted space so to speak. The is focused like a laser on taking high quality trades. It is not that they take a lot of trades, but they take only what they perceive to eb the best trades. I had a lot of skepticism before checking them out and now afterward I was quite pleased. I think they are very good at what they do and would say they are certainly worth your time to take a look. Futures trading is not for everyone due to risk, but they way they trade is really quite safe. I recommend VMT.com to anyone. Thank you for allowing my input."

Perchel S.

Taos, New Mexico, USA



"View My Trades calls out the market in a way I have never seen before. It is like they know 90% of the time what will happen before it does. I have no idea how they do it and really don't care because for $299 per month I can watch them do it everyday. That is one bill I have per month that I don't mind paying. All I can say is give them shot and see for yourself. Truly extraordinary service."

Otavio M.

Yonkers, NY, USA



"I have found View My Trades to be truly incredible in their real time market calls. I have never seen anything close to what I see in their trade room. Beyond exceptional. Many thanks to Tom the guy that runs the trade room."

Bev T.

Tampa, Florida, USA



"A very big thank you to View My Trades. Keep up the incredibly good work. Us traders need an honest and genuine mentor such as yourself in order for us to be able to sort through the amazing amount of bad information out there and finally come across a nugget like View My trades."

Todd N.

Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA



"View My Trades is spectacular compared to other trading rooms. Most are complete frauds and the polar opposite os true of these fellow. They are for real. They are unequivocally honest and clear on everything they do. They bend over backwards to help make things very clear. Oh and did I forgot to mention they pick a ton of winning trades. Very impressed and been around the trading community a long time."

Perry L.

Biarritz, France



"View My Trades offers clearly communicated technical insight with an unwavering emphasis on accountability.  A solid tool for either the novice or seasoned trader."

John W.

Austin, Texas, USA



"I have been using the Morning E-mail Alerts service for over a month now. Excellent service and one can certainly gain 15-20 points. Specific trade setups are called out well in advance and also specific rules are mentioned clearl for all tradesy. I highly recommend them. Go for it and trust me you will find what they do works."

Bhargav K.

Dublin, Ohio, USA



"Excellent, not much else to say but, really excellent. Highly recommend them. See for yourself and you won't be dissapointed."

Carl B.

Tampa, Florida, USA



"I joined View My Trades thinking this is probably just another scam trading room. I was very wrong on that point. They do what they say will do and they are skilled at what they do. I am very impressed and have referred 2 people that are also quite delighted. Keep up the good work." 

Qiang L.

Hong Kong



"You have a great email service and a great trade room. I appreciate what you do at View My Trades. My only recommendation would be to open the trade room for longer than just 2 hours a day since my time zone is very early when you trade. Thank you."

Michael H.

Woodinville, Washington, USA



"Entertaining commentary as well as ultra informative and winning system. They deliver what they promise on the website. No fat guy standing next to his sports car, etc...that still cracks me up, but it is true so many other places try to paint the picutre of riches, far from the truth. 3 thumbs up for View My Trades for keeping it real. I am a college student that trades 3 days per week. It works for me and I am MAKING MONEY."

Matt V.

Columbia, Missouri, USA



"I have done several free trials and also joined other trading rooms, with not much success.  They all promised that they had the trick to do it right, which they're tricks hardly ever produced.  As a matter of fact if I had done the opposite of what they're  tips where I would have been very profitable. Since I have become a member of "View My Trades", I have been completely satisfied.  The speaker is very disciplined and conservative, he never throws out recommendations  just  so you can get in a trade every 5 minutes. I am so glad I finally found a trade room that is easy to follow, very educational and most of the time $$$$ profits $$$$.   Thank you to "View My Trades" for doing things right!!!!!!"

Peggy R.

Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA



"I write the following testimonial for all those who search a trading strategy and an emini web page that have integrity. I have been following VMT since its inception. I have also had the misfortunate of subscribing to other emini trading web pages, and I have the benefit of being able to compare. View My Trades performance page is entirely accurate. If anything, it is, at times, conservative in not accounting for the gains actually achieved. That alone should give you a strong signal on the web page's honesty and if your skepticism persist, then I challenge you to just participate for free for a few days. As a 10 year equity and futures trader, I have learned the hard way that trading performance cannot be evaluated on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. If it was that easy, everyone would quit their jobs and trade. Accordingly, look at the results, participate in a free trial, and see for yourself. I would not be writing this testimonial unless I knew the answer!"

Stephen C.

Britiish Columbia, Canada



"Trading ES Futures is tough and when a service can trade ES and consistently pile up a high percentage of winning trades over losers that is a credit to the developer of View My Trades and their trading room and indicator package. I have found the service to be very consistent with entries and exits AND STOPS which is a winning combination. Coming from a trader who has been burned all too many times trading the ES without a game plan and with no stop I will tell you this service is exceptional when it comes to a game plan and in execution of the game plan to consistently provide its subscribers with exceptional performance results."  

Rich D.

Chesterland, Ohio, USA



 "I have found an edge in the market and have been a profitable and winning trader with the help of ViewMyTrades. They have made my trading stress and emotion free and that has been such a big help to me!"
William R.
Elyria, Ohio, USA


"The website is awesome. They have helped with my trading in so many ways. The trade room is great as are the Indicators. I have gone from consistently losing, to breaking even and now starting to become consistently profitable."

Randy E.

Bath, England, United Kingdom



"Honest, real and skilled is how I would describe the Trade Room at View My Trades. Never any trickery with calling stuff out after it happens. They are very good at what they do and always trade in a safe and clear manner. Helped me become more consistent and deliberate in my trading."

Barry H.

Newington, Connecticut, USA



"Here is the scoop sweet and simple. The guys at View My Trades are not perfect. They have some losing days, but you know what? - Everyone has some losing days and they admit it!. They win a bunch more times than they lose and they are straight forward and no shenanigans. Real trade room, real people and real results. I give them 4/5 stars since no one is perfect."

Ben P.

Arcadia, Florida, USA



"Let me start off by saying I was a member of View My Trades for just one month and am no longer a member. I left not because they are bad, but for personally reasons. In that one month I learned more about trading the right way than I had in 15 years previously and tens of thousands of dollars in other stupid websites. These guys are for real and you will be a better trader using their services."

Philip P.

Summersville, West Virginia, USA



"I will say first that my Language is not English so please understand any mistakes. I am from South America. There are not many traders here and so I is a small group from my country. My brother and I are lucky to find the people at View My Trade. They help us from the vary start and repeat the message many times in the room so we understand. They tell us the certain points of entry and exits from every one of trades. They also mark everything on the page ( charts ) for those that English is not the first language of choices. We are doing well with them and learn more and more every month. They are excellente."

Manolo F.

Paysandu, Uruguay, South America



"I was asked if I would be willing to write a testimonial for View My Trades. PROS are they are honest, they are pretty damn good and they are great at returning calls and customer service in general. CONS - the trade room is only open 2 hours a day, some email alerts do not trigger some days. However the PROS outweigh the CONS by 90%. I would suggest giving them a try since it worked for me and I am not easy to please!"

Martha K.

Brooklyn, New York, USA



"Email Alert client here so I cannot speak of the trade room or education. I find it amazing they can call out both a long and short trade set-up at 7:30am every day and most days about 1 hour later one or both of those trades execute and go on to win. Very impressive. I just extended my alerts to one year. Far exceeded my expectations for dirt cheap rates they charge for email alerts. Highly recommend to anyone."

Leonard, H

Thousand Oaks, California, USA



"As a member of View My Trades I genuinely appreciate their knowledge and the style they deliver in the live trade room. The have helped me make my daily goals consistently with their guidance. They are extremely honorable and straight forward."

Fred B.

Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA



"I like your training sessions very much. I think they are well worth the money. I will be attaending all I can."

Alexander G.

Palm Harbor, Florida